I have been teaching yoga since 2009 and have experience with a broad range of styles to meet the unique needs of each of my students.  I started practicing yoga myself shortly after I began my career as a lawyer because I was looking for a path to relieve stress, stay focused, and find a balance between life in and out of the office.  I was initially drawn to vinyasa flow yoga because, being an achiever, I appreciated the energetic style of movement, but over time I have developed a love for gentle yoga and seated meditation.  I've found that my students and I benefit the most from slowing down, setting up poses in the most intentional way possible, and stepping back to find the peace that already resides at the center of each of us if we allow ourselves to get quiet enough to observe it.  I have worked with students of all ages on many different paths, including executives, stay at home moms, marathon runners, seniors with limited mobility, people recovering from injuries or surgery, golfers, experienced yogis, doctors, and first responders.  Each of us keeps coming back to our mats because we've seen how a mindful yoga practice helps us to show up for the rest of our lives, be more patient with ourselves and the people around us, worry less, and enjoy more.